Oceti Sakowin Women's Meeting | 11x17 Photo Print

Oceti Sakowin Women's Meeting | 11x17 Photo Print


North Dakota | 2016

• 11x17 in Photo Print

• Museum-grade Luster Photo Paper

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11.19.16 | The night before Morton County law enforcement attacked water protectors with water canons in sub-freezing temperatures, Jade (@jadethemighty) and I drove around camp looking for Faith Spotted Eagle so that we could interview her for Indigenous Rising Media (@indigenousrising). Once we arrived to her location, I was not allowed to enter the tipi because a women’s meeting was in session. As I walked away I noticed the silhouettes of my aunties and sisters projected on the structure.   

Women are traditionally associated with water and men with fire, but this moment made me think of the culmination of the two forces. As the shadows cast across the sides of the tipi, a home that represents the womb from which we are reborn daily, I also thought of a blazing ember. Fire cannot burn without oxygen and water contains oxygen just like our women hold the answers to our deepest tribulations. They are our ultimate medicine, our healers, our guardians of the future.  

I left shortly after taking this photo and I would not see Jade until several hours later. Although she did not get to interview Faith, she came back more powerful than ever.

In 1994, the Brave Heart Society was formed by a community of grandmothers on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota with the mission of bringing back traditional knowledge by “calling home the spirit of the culture”. The Brave Heart grandmothers believe that culture is medicine, and the success of their many projects show the true strength of their culture.

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